Meditations (read on):


Sometimes we may find ourselves drop into the qualities of our deeper nature like stillness and pure beingness.


Sometimes we may experience vast expansions of our consciousness.


However, in my opinion, what truly matters here, is not to seek for peek experiences, but rather use meditation as an opportunity

to train ourselves to be fully present in the moment with whatever is - whatever presents itself.


The capacity to be with what is, not judge it, not escape from it and not try to change or fix it is very valuable to help

our mind and ego to relax, while giving space for our higher intelligence and Grace come into being.


There are so many benefits to meditation.


I will name just a few as there is so much information available

that you can easily do your own research on the subject if you like.


Some of the many benefits of meditation are:


Increased awareness, sense of connectedness, relaxation.


Reduction of stress, anxiety, fear, loneliness, depression.


Improved resilience and capacity to be present. 



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