Shunyakasha is a healing place for holistic and nondual therapy.


Tanja Franz offers intuitive counseling, mentorship and energy healing .


Nonduality is a tradition wherein the underlying principle of life and the universe is rooted in unity.



My intention is to nourish the inner qualities of receptivity and openness to our natural state of being and to life itself through engaging stillness, presence and awareness. 


“Be still and flourish” refers to the process of allowing ourselves to be “no-thing”, which equally contains within it the invitation and embrace to be “everything” (our full potential).


Being “nothing” - being “empty”, is an alchemical process of opening to the source of our being - to our original essence, which is beyond any particular shape or form.


What we allow ourselves to meet and embrace is any and all conditioning/patterning that keeps our mind trapped in the perception of separation from our wholeness and tied to the past.


The more we allow those conditions, limitations and traumas to melt the more we are able to be present with all that is and who we truly are in essence. It allows us to be fully awake, alive, open and free.

"Silence is the root of everything.

If you spiral into it's void, a hundred voices will fire messages you long to hear."




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