"Thank you, Tanja, you have been such a source of healing and wisdom for me. I felt deep peace after our last session. 

You have helped me to feel so much more connected to myself

and more willing to be present and open to the challenges I am currently facing in my family.

Coming from such a difficult history as I do I am grateful to have your support

and assurance that I can heal from my past, while being open and grounded in the now. I am so thankful!"

Christie, Half Moon Bay, USA



"Working with Tanja is like allowing the absolute love, grace, and wisdom of the Divine Mother to fully embrace me. 

She is an extremely intuitive being with incredible perception.  She can help heal and regenerate on a very deep level. 

The healing powers that come forward in a session with Tanja are incredibly magical." 

Eleni, Boulder, USA



“Tanja's work is on a more expanded level than any other I have received before. 

I often feel I am being met more as a being of the cosmos than as a human being. 

Tanja's ability to shift, heal and integrate the many layers of the subconscious, soul and spirit is truly a gift. 

And this, with her genuine warmth of heart and true authenticity makes me feel sincerely blessed to have found her!!!!”

Melissa, San Francisco, USA



“Tanja has a deep earth essence. She is very dedicated to her life's path and has much Love.”

Anakahlia, Dunedin, New Zealand



"Thank you so much for our session, Tanja. My whole body feels so regenerated - I slept like a baby last night.

The insights you offered me are so helpful. I am feeling so much more loving and at peace with myself."

Layla, Norwich, Great Britain



“A gifted and natural healer, Tanja is able to unravel the threads of the discordant fabric of the past, to pluck them loose,

and to seamlessly make whole again.  She has an earnest and passionate nature and a desire to be all

and to do all within her capacity to restore wholeness and Oneness .”

Tazja, Byron Bay, Australia



"Just thank you, Tanja. I loved our session. Your intuition is truly remarkable. I am so glad I met you."

Luiz, Palma de Mallorca, Spain



"Tanja, I have felt much vulnerability after our session together, yet I feel such deep trust to allow that to be and not reject it.

I will be back to go deeper. I am so grateful to have found you.

Stephanie, Utrecht, Netherlands


"You are a walking encyclopedia...!"

Melissa, Oregon, USA




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