about ShunyakAsha

 Shunyakasha, literally means "no sky". In sanskrit the word Shunyata means "nothing", "emptiness" or "the void". Shunyata can be described as a state of receptive stillness that is full of potential.


In the Hindu tradition before creation there was Shunyakasha. It could be regarded as the central stillpoint within the womb of creation.


The emptiness that is described by the word Shunyakasha however is far from being "nothing", because within this nothingness "everything" exists in a latent state of potentiality. 


It is said that from this potential-filled void, arose the desire for creation; and at the beginning of creation the sound of OM divided the undivided unity of Shunyakasha.


The two powers that emerged were the original consciousness and the primordial energy. The original consciousness can be allocated as the masculine quality, while the primordial energy is considered to be the feminine quality.


The masculine and feminine principle have been given many names and symbols: Shiva/Shakti, Yin/Yang, Heaven/Earth, Mother/Father.


But all of these seemingly dual principles originate from an undivided whole.


Our entire universe is an undivided whole that contains absolutely everything within it, including you and me.


You and I are an inseparable part of creation and wholeness. In fact we are co-creators of and with this Universe.




So allow me to extend an invitation to you to take a journey into stillness with me.


To be open and receptive to the inner source of your being. 


To the healing and nourishment it provides.


And to ground into full Presence within your body right here and now.


Allowing your creative potential to ignite and your soul to flourish.



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