about Tanja's Work

Tanja's work addresses conscious and unconscious imbalances and blocks within your energy and consciousness that can be individual, ancestral and/or collective in nature.


Her approach is holistic, meaning she engages with your whole being - body, heart, mind, soul and spirit.


She has a refined ability to sense through her body and her energy field and be present with you; to listen deeply and attune to your soul.


Her presence supports you to come into communion with your essence and meet what presents itself in the moment with deep compassion and love.


This facilitates space for melting, alignment and transformation to occur naturally and gracefully. It allows a dissolution of that which is not essential and a direct experience of your natural essence.

What is most difficult for us all to meet are patterns and blocks that are hidden from our conscious awareness. Unconscious aspects of ourselves tend to feel cut off from love and presence, because they are identified with an experience from the past that has limited their experience of wholeness, connection and boundlessness.


Certain experiences, especially, when we are young, can be so overwhelming, that we can only cope with them through pushing them out of our conscious awareness. It is a mechanism that comes from an instinctual level. It's purpose is to protect us. As we mature though we need to come back and meet these parts as puzzle pieces of our entire whole.


There are many layers to our unconscious storage that impact the experience of our reality, including limiting believes, -perspectives and judgements.


Sometimes traumatic experiences can even lead to disintegration and disembodiment, which requires a specific kind of attention.


My specialty is to work within the realm of the unconscious. You can imagine it a bit like I have been trained to see or rather sense in the dark. When I speak of darkness I don't mean dark as in bad, but rather dark as in the absence of light. Or rather the absence of consciousness - thus we call it unconscious.


Trauma and other unconscious storage needs to be met fully - with sensitivity, compassion, patience and love. Melting back into wholeness can only occur beyond our ego will and effort through acceptance and allowing.


Through meeting ourselves fully, all of us, what we like as well as what we consciously or unconsciously dislike, we develop an ability to become fully present not only to our Self, but to All that is. We develop a capacity to become open and present without judgement and without fear. We learn to move towards instead of running away from. We learn to embrace, rather than resent.


When we have the courage to meet our deepest fear and resistance we unlock the doorway to our soul's potential. The expression of our creative gifts is not only fulfilling and joyful for ourselves, but a blessing for everyone .


When we meet ourselves fully and melt our inner oppositions the experience of deeper union and peace are inevitable. To experience inner peace is not just desirable, but I believe a very meaningful and important quality in today's world.


If you are open to and interested in an approach of healing from the inside-out, which is a beautiful contribution to the collective healing of our world, I would be honored to meet you.

"...in silence things take form, and we must wait and watch.

In us, in our secret depth, lies the knowing element 

which sees and hears that which we do not see nor hear. 

All our perceptions, all the things we have done, all that we are today,

dwelt once in that knowing, silent depth, that treasure chamber in the soul.

And we are more than we think. 

We are more than we know. 

That which is more than we think and know is always seeking and adding to itself

while we are doing nothing - or think we are doing nothing. 

But to be conscious of what is going in our depth is to help it along. 

When subconsciousness becomes consciousness,

the seed in our winter-clad-selves turn to flowers,

and the silent life in us sings with all its might."


Kahlil Gibran, Beloved Prophet: the love letters, p268



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