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Tanja Franz started offering one-on-one counseling and energy healing sessions in 2000 after a year long retreat in meditation and silence.


After relocating to the United States Tanja also started facilitating ongoing groups in Boulder, Colorado, then later in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Workshops and retreats were held in Crestone (in the sacred Sangre de Christo mountains of Colorado) and Mount Shasta, California.


After several years in the USA and an additional year on the island of Mallorca, Spain Tanja returned to her roots in Germany. Today she works locally in person, in addition to long distance via phone and internet with people around the world.

Tanja has been practicing meditation for 20 years and yoga for 25.


Her yogic practice has been strongly impacted by Scott Blossom and Chandra Easton, teachers of Shadow Yoga and direct students of Sandor Remete. It lead to her choice of becoming a teacher of Yin Yoga - a practice that is slow and meditative and physically focused on targeting the connective tissue.


For several years Tanja has practiced Kundalini Mahayoga Meditation with an authentic lineage holder of Kashmiri Shivaism (Annutara Trika tradition), as well as studying Tantric Yoga philosophy (Kashmiri Shivaism) with Christopher P. Tompkins in Berkeley, California.


Tanja holds a master in Visual Communication, is educated as a healing practitioner and certified for Yin Yoga & Anatomy (E-RYT 200) with M. H. Giess a direct student and assistant of Paul Grilley.


Over the course of almost three decades Tanja has immersed herself deeply in somatic- and embodiment practices, Applied Kinesiology and has worked and studied deeply with contemporary teachers of the non-dual tradition, like Miranda Macpherson and Georgi Johnson to deepen her personal practice and development.


Tanja has also studied with David Crow, author of "Searching for the Medicine Buddha". David is an expert on Ayurvedic and TCM herbalism, as well as the healing power of essential oils.



As a little child being surrounded and visited by celestial beings felt completely natural. So did communicating and interacting with them.


As I grew older, the veils to other dimensions started to appear thicker. I somehow started to feel drawn to church. I don't believe it was religion that drew me. I come from a protestant family background, but my parents did not practice religion at all. What I felt magically drawn to was the stillness; and the energy of ritual and song.


Spending time walking around the local cemetery felt soothing and joyful. This may sound morbid, but it actually wasn't at all. Quite the opposite: it felt peaceful and serene - being surrounded by gorgeous old trees, fresh flowers, candles and angelic statues. My kind of heaven on earth at age 8.


I also loved prayer and devotional singing and it became a practice for a number years during my childhood.


Later on in school I started to come in touch with religious studies. I was interested in the differences between catholic and protestant faith. The teachers were not amused by many of my questions and comments and since I was not baptised I was excluded from participating. At that point I decided that religion and commitment to a traditional religious faith was not my path to follow.  

Many years later in my early twenties at a funeral I had another "run-in" with a celestial being. The beautiful presence made itself visible and I almost did not think anything of it in the moment. After all, that was not very unusual to the part of my mind from childhood. It took until later that day for me to consciously experience the deeper impact of that open-eye sight. I felt equally touched and very shaken up. I realised how many years I had been out of tune (perception wise) with that level of existence. 


That day was the starting point for me to go on a quest to inquire into the deeper nature of things. I was driven by great passion and hunger for freedom at the time. I started to seek out alternative healing modalities, engaged in regular group work based on the principles of bio-energetics, family constellation work, and so on. All of which supported me to start digesting childhood trauma and at the same time refined the attunement to my physical body and my energy body.


During that time a lot of synchronicities occurred connecting me to people and places without my active engagement. I started having many mystical experiences that deeply impacted my sense of self and my experience of reality. 


All of this led up to the choice of following a deep inner yearning to take an indefinite amount of time to turn inward and surrender to that inner calling that pulsed me to just be in the moment and give up all efforting.


I had never meditated before in my life, nor read a book about it, but intuitively that was the one thing that called me deeply. So I sat down with no plan or expectation and it turned into a whole year, primarily spend in silence and meditation.


During that time a continuous dance between being emptied and being filled over and over again unfolded. With each dive into the stillness of the void layers of unneeded baggage melted off and upon rising to the surface I felt showered and filled with the essential stream of my being.


The experience and practice of this year facilitated a deep soul communion. It allowed a conscious awakening to intuitive knowledge and abilities. Amongst many other things I was offered an experience and understanding on how to heal from the insight-out.


I no longer felt any desire to continue pursuing my career as a communication designer and instead started an education as a healing practitioner.


I experienced a deep desire to be of service to others. Holding space and supporting them to  meet and experience their own essence. 


The experience of that year also trained me to walk my path in surrender to the deep mystery of life - to bow to the unknown and relax the urge to lead with my mind.

I did not realize at the time that I would have to face a deep dark night of the soul almost a decade later as part of my integration process.


That sense of feeling abandoned and cut off from love and support  was triggered through the trauma of a physical surgery. It left a part of me locked out of my physical body and brought me in contact with unintegrated birth trauma. The past trauma and the present trauma had a strong impact on my central nervous system and created an overall imbalance in body and mind.


Trauma can be a very powerful teacher. I have had quite a bit of it in my childhood and throughout life. I have spend a lot of time healing, integrating and learning from it. I have studied and explored it within my own history, that of my ancestors and within our collective.


Throughout my life's journey I have had very impactful experiences of communion and disconnection. The integration of both has felt pretty challenging at times, yet it has shaped and molded me into deeper presence and liberation. I am grateful to be equally the sum of all these experiences while realizing that in essence I am none of them at all.



Inspired by my grandmother I have explored alternative medicine over the past 25+ years. I am fascinated by the abundance of treasures and opportunities nature provides to heal all kinds of ailments and to nourish well-being. I have taken a particular interest in Ayurveda, Herbalism, Aromatherapy and healing through food.


I love the effect that smelling, tasting and touching natural materials and ingredients like pure and fresh produce, herbs, cold pressed oils, flowers, clays, etc. has on our senses. Utilizing these ingredients to prepare food, remedies and body care facilitates and deepens our attunement to Mother Nature along with her rhythms and elements in a beautiful way that impacts our energy and consciousness.




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