What may a long distance session look like?


In our session I invite you to share with me about what is present for you, what concerns you may have, where you would like to receive support and clarity with on

your journey through life.


Together we can explore and inquire into the deeper nature of what presents itself. My intention is to meet you without an agenda to change or fix anything.


The foundation of my counseling is that wholeness is the essence of your being.

My invitation is to allow all parts of you, that struggle to experience themselves as whole and holy - to be acknowledged and met respectfully.


The session intends to provide a space for you in which you can feel safe and undefended. To come and be in acceptance of all parts of yourself without judgement. To just be as you are,  to be with the truth of what is.


I would like to support you to embrace and strengthen the qualities of openness and receptivity, that are already part of your essential self, but are often challenged by a more collective go-get-do-mentality along with other inner and outer expectations.


We will look at how beliefs and identifications may keep you from realizing, experiencing and expressing your full potential and authenticity.


Meeting all aspects of our human experience, while realizing our essential self is a sacred dance and a path that takes commitment. Bringing our realization and essence into embodiment along with finding authentic expression of it may take time, yet is worthwhile, because it brings deep fulfillment.



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