Long Distance


Long distance sessions can take place by phone, via Zoom or Skype.


A session is about 60-90 minutes.


The cost for a single session is 108,00 EUR.


If you would like to go into process and commit to a minimum of 5 weekly or bi-weekly sessions the price is 80,00 EUR per session.


Please contact me first to set up an appointment.


Send me an email including the time zone you are in, along with times that work for you and wether you would like to meet for a single session or a series.


After we have set up the date for your session/s please come back here and make your payment below.


I look forward to meeting you!

Please make your payment below, before your session and after we have set up

the time and date of your appointment. Thank you.

What a session may look like...


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The provided service is complimentary and in no way an alternative to mental health- or medical treatment.




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